Guidelines for Manuscript Writing

◈ Guidelines for Manuscript Writing ◈
 Any manuscript published in the Transactions of the IEIE (hereafter ‘Transactions’) shall be written according to the following outline and specifications.
1. Any author wishing to contribute to the Transactions shall be a member of the IEIE.
2. Authors submissions are to be made through the IEIE’s website (
Submitted manuscripts must adhere to template of the IEIE.
3. The date of receipt of the manuscript will mark the beginning of the review process, assuming that it meets the guidelines for writing a manuscript( The authors shall submit the revised manuscript within three weeks of the notification of the review results. Otherwise, the manuscript will be rejected. In this case, the revised manuscript may be resubmitted for a second round of review. Exceptions will only be made when an editorial board member allows a period of extension because of special circumstances.
4. The acceptance of submitted manuscript shall be decided by the manuscript review regulations.
5. Authors shall submit their original work that is not in violation of the Transaction’s research ethics bylaws( If any problem related to research ethics occurs after publication, the editorial board shall retract the manuscript and take disciplinary action against the author. An investigation committee of between three and six editors and associate editors shall submit investigative reports. The temporary committee of editors and an editor-in-chief shall decide on the disciplinary action.
6. When the content of a submitted manuscript has been filed or registered as intellectual property, the relevant content shall be marked by a reference or note within the body of the manuscript.
7. The types of manuscripts accepted for publication in the Transactions are specified below.
(1) Technical research papers: Papers that have not been published in other journals, that are creative and reliable, and that can contribute to the academic development of electronic engineering.
(2) Applied research papers: Papers that have not been published in other journals, that focus on the application of electronic engineering, and that contribute to industry.
(3) Invited research papers: Papers that refer to research trends in a specific subject and that are requested of and submitted by domestic experts in the appropriate field.
8. The author shall pay the publishing fee for publication in the Transactions.
9. Technical and applied research papers should be written in the following order:
(1) Korean title; (2) Korean author names and affiliations (Mark with *, **, *** for each affiliation; correspondence information for the author shall include an email address as a note, using superscrip “ⓒ”; (3) English title; (4) English author names and affiliations (Written same way as the Korean affiliation); (5) Received/accepted date in English; (6) Keywords in English with Korean equivalents in parentheses; (7) Korean abstract; (8) English abstract; (9) Nomenclature (if applicable); (10) Introduction; (11) Body; (12) Conclusion; (13) References;
* The issue date of the publication shall be 25th of every month.
◈ Checklist for Authors ◈
Are the affiliations of all authors indicated with the correct symbols?(Author affiliations shall be marked with * and **. ⓒ shall be added for corresponding authors with email addresses)
Are the full names of all authors given in English?
Do keywords use the ‘English (Korean)’ format?
Does the manuscript adhere to the style set forth in the template?[Style of Korean manuscript title, Korean author name, Korean author affiliation, English manuscript title, author name and author affiliation, Keyword, Korean and English abstracts, nomenclature, author affiliation, body: paragraph, chapter headings, passages and paragraphs, figure and table captions, reference titles, and contents]
Are all symbols listed in the nomenclature with proper description?
Are superscripts and subscripts contained within equations sufficiently seperated?
Are all figures containing abscissas and ordinates labeled with the correct symbols and units?
Are figures (including photos) and tables found in the body?
Are figures (including photos) and tables at the top or bottom of pages?
Do English abstracts start with “Abstract:”?
Are the captions of tables and figures in Korean and English?
Are references quoted using “(Reference number)” in superscript?
Are Korean references also listed in English?
Is the manuscript written according to the Transactions of the IEIE guidelines, including the section on how to write references?
• Template margins and fonts cannot be revised.

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